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Judge Orders EPA to Issue Incinerator & Boiler Rules by Brian Moran


According to Chemical & Engineering News (Jan, 31, 2011), a federal judge recently ordered USEPA to issue regulations by February 21, 2011 for emissions from industrial boilers and incinerators under the Clean Air Act. Dating back to a lawsuit from 2001, the regulations will require chemical plants and other large industrial facilities to install new pollution controls to limit emissions of toxic metals, particulates, and other toxic air from their boilers and incinerators.  The EPA had most recently requested an extension until April 2012 to issue the new rules, but the extension was denied in federal court.  Industry groups believe that the new rules will force many plants to shut down and result in a potential loss of over 300,000 jobs.

In a related matter, EPA recently denied industries request to relax the 75 ppb sulfur dioxide standard, stating that industry petitions failed to provide adequate arguments as to why the new one hour SO2 standard is flawed.

Norfolk Ram Group, LLC offers industrial compliance and air permitting assistance for all sectors of industry. To speak to someone now, please call Brian Moran at 508-478-1276.  Learn about our environmental regulations permitting services here.

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