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Section 319 Non-point Source Pollution Grants to be released


Norfolk engineers met last week with representatives from MA DEP and the US EPA regarding the annual 319 Nonpoint source pollution grant program. Norfolk has worked on several successful grant projects in the past for Towns like Cohasset and Yarmouth, and is currently working on projects in Cohasset, Hull, Sherborn, and Westport.

The grant program aims to address non point source pollutants affecting Massachusett's bodies of water.   One of the ways Norfolk has been able to help its clients win the grants and implement them is through engineering design incorporating low impact development. Raingarden, Bioretention cell We have helped design and implement bioretention cells, also known as raingardens, grassed swales, sediments forebays, constructed wetlands, and subsurface recharge systems, all known as stormwater Best Management Practices.

 To find out more about the grant opportunities available either through the 319 program or other state and federal grants, please contact John McAllister at (508) 747-7900 extension 117.

Download our Free Grant Application Success Roadmap. 

A Jack of all Trades


In some more lighthearted news and updates:

Wayne Perry, a Norfolk Ram Associate, Professional Engineer, and Licensed Site Professional, was able to add one more accredidation to his already impressive resume: Top Bowler!

During a bowling event last week in Somerville for the American Council of Engineering Companies of Massachusetts, Wayne bowled the highest score out of all of the participants. In the spirit of full-disclosure, it was Candlepin bowling, and he didn't finish the second round, so his score was pro-rated based on the frames he had bowled in the second round.

Congratulations Wayne! 

EPA sets safe level of exposure to Dioxins


The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that is has established a safe level of exposure to the most toxic form of dioxin.  The daily dose is set at 0.7 picograms of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) per kilogram of body weight.  TCDD is the most toxic congener of the dioxins, which are unintentional by-products of manufacturing processes involving chlorine and the burning of waste or biomass.

Currently in the U.S. backyard waste burning is the highest source of dioxins.  People are exposed to dioxins mostly by eating poultry, dairy, fish or eggs. EPA claims that "most Americans have only low-level exposure to dioxins" and that this "does not pose a significant health risk."

Information for this post was taken from the February 27, 2012 issue of Chemical and Engineering News, edited by William G. Schulz and Sophia L. Cai.


Norfolk to attend Massachusetts Conservation Commissioners Annual Environmental Conference


Norfolk will attend the Massachusett's Association of Conservation Commissioners (MACC) annual environmental conference at the College of the Holy Cross on March 3, 2012.

The conference is a great exhibition for Conservation Commissioners and Conservation Agents to attend continual education workshops and discuss issues affecting other areas of the Commonwealth.

To see more about the annual conference, please visit the MACC's website.

Learn more about the consulting services Norfolk Ram can provide to local Conservation Commissions or other local boards, feel free to swing by our both at the conference, visit our Municipal Services page, or contact John McAllister at (508) 747-7900 extension 117.


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