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Get the 7 reasons why you may need an engineered solution to your wet basement problems

Basement Flooding and Groundwater Intrusion Management

Recurring issues with groundwater intrusion and flooding in a basement can be a constant nuisance for homeowners, and can create losses and significant expenses associated with each event.

Unfortunately there is no one solution to address these issues, there may be band-aid type solutions, however they do not address the underlying problem. 

Norfolk's team of engineering and environmental professional's can help find the root cause of groundwater/basement flooding issue and can design a custom system to address the root cause and prevent the flooding from re-occuring in the future.

Our years of experience and great understanding of local conditions, including local topography, hydrology, underlying soils, and good engineering design practices ensure that our clients are offered the most effective solutions.

basement flooding

Signs of Consistent Flooding and Water in a basement

Our investigative services can include:

  • Evaluation of underlying soil and groundwater conditions
  • Review of localized and area wide topography to better understand drainage patterns
  • Review of existing utility plans and local records available through the municipality
  • Engineering Design and local permitting
  • Construction supervision

To view some of our project summaries related to basement flooding control and groundwater intrusion, click here.

Wet basement

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