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Basement Leak Information Kit for MA Home Owners

Download your FREE Evaluation Kit to determine if it makes sense to consult with an engineering contractor for your issue:

  • Review the 7 cases that call for an engineering assessment
  • Learn how an engineering contractor can help you make an informed decision -- that can save you $'s
  • See examples of completed projects including initial assessments - and final solutions


Free Basement Flooding & Groundwater Intrusion Evaluation Kit

Recurring basement flooding issues can lead to significant loss and expense over time.  And determining the cause of flooding can be difficult. Compounding the problem is the fact home owners often receive conflicting recommendations from different service providers. 

A contractor may recommend waterproofing the foundation, while a plumber insists on a new sump pump.  A landscape architect may recommend a new layer of flagstone to the patio, while a builder wants to update the gutter system.  Who's right?  An engineering assessment can answer that question.

Download Your Free Flooding Evaluation Kit to:

        • Review the 7 basement flooding situations that merit an engineering assessment
        • See examples of actual flooding cases - and how they were resolved.

Download Your Free Kit Today:

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