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Home Heating Oil Spill Clean Up LSP

If you live in Massachusetts, and have experienced a spill or leak of heating oil in your home, it is critical that you notify the Massachusetts DEP (888-304-1133) and your local fire department immediately. 

If you live outside Massachusetts, you must call your state department of environmental services.

Once the leak has been contained, the extent of contamination will need to be assessed and the appropriate method of clean-up will need to be determined.

Norfolk's licensed site professionals (LSPs) are seasoned experts in the clean-up of oil contamination, who can ensure proper actions are taken to address home heating oil spill contamination in a manner that complies with Massachusetts regulations. 

Our years of experience working with home owners, insurance companies and  state regulatory agencies, ensure our clients are offered the most effective solutions  - and provided a choice of options that take budget concerns into account.

Home Heating Oil LeakOur Oil Clean-up Services Include:

  • Evaluation of soil & groundwater for contamination
  • Advisement on state regulatory requirements
  • Options & recommendations for course of action
  • Execution of oil contamination clean-up and/or oversight of clean-up efforts
  •  MassDEP Compliance

Remediation of a fuel oil spill can present a serious financial and emotional hardship to the homeowner.  Norfolk's experienced LSPs guide our clients through the process and help define a practical plan for clean-up that meets regulatory requirements -- and that addresses all our client's concerns, including budget considerations.

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